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Georg Börner Chemisches Werk für Dach- und Bautenschutz GmbH & Co. KG
is influential in the industry and trend-setting in the fields of waterproofing and building preservation. We produce polymer bitumen and bitumen membranes, bituminous coatings and compounds as well as providing necessary information and sell and distribute everything that makes structures "leak proof".
At the same time we are constantly working on improvements and developments to always be technically, environmentally and economically more than one step ahead of our customers.


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Flat roof
Halls, shopping malls, industrial plants, public buildings ... especially large roof surfaces are primarily built with a flat roof or flat-sloped roofs, as a flat roof construction has static weight advantages and thus lower costs. The waterproofing of a flat roof requires special roof sealing. Therefore Börner has focussed over decades on important topics, e.g. the UV resistance and weather resistance, the durability, fire safety and proper sealing of connectors and light domes. Formulations for polymer bitumen membranes and bitumen membranes are purposely developed for these requirements and are constantly improved.
Finally, our versatile products to seal a roof are extremely durable as well as fire resistant according to our own European patent and also meet the highest standards of elasticity and plasticity.

Green roof
Modern, ecologically valuable and beautiful to look at – having a green roof is getting more and more attractive. Get the nature onto your roof. Especially in densely populated areas green roofs offer the possibility to create new habitats for bird and insect life. They contribute to improving the micro-climate significantly. In rural areas, green roofs are considered as not fully sealed surfaces and thus reduce the sewage charges as well. As they reduce the running off of the rainwater and keep the water back, a green roof is an effective method for modern rainwater management. It contributes to flood protection and reduction and drainage during heavy rainfall.
Green roofs protect and prolong the life of the roof membrane and save energy costs because of their insulation and cooling attributes.
The polymer bitumen torch-on membrane SK bit 105 with root protection has been especially developed for green roofs and is an ideal upper layer of the roof structure. It offers long-lasting protection against rooting and thus guarantees its reliability.

Pitched roof
If loft rooms are to be converted to habitable rooms it is usually essential to reseal the roof in connection with a new thermal insulation.
Our sheets that can be put under joists or rafters or barrier membranes offer various possibilities for different demands on sealing systems. Our DOMO-thermal product series provides the appropriate thermal insulation elements.

Preservation of structures
We supply waterproofing products to seal buildings, supply products for new buildings and restorations of basements and cellars as well as tunnels and bridges.
BÖRNER building sealants are designed to be practical and reliable solutions. To create a drainage system in accordance with DIN 18195 part 4 the wall barrier membrane BIVITEX® MS, the barrier membrane EriKa and the waterproofing membrane DACO-thene need to be combined.
Especially in the basement area the sealing work requires special care.
Cold self-adhesive polymer-modified bitumen membranes for waterproofing against moisture in the soil and non penetrable water guarantee a reliable bond due to the adhesion of membranes (SK-bitumen on SK-bitumen).

Compounds and paints
Undercoat and primer are essential so that bitumen or polymer bitumen and different surfaces of either flat roof sealant or of structure preservation can bond.
Because of a special water-bitumen formula emulsion primers are solvent-free, environmentally friendly and can also be used in interiors and excavation.
Solvent-based paints are curing faster especially at low temperatures and can also etch bituminous undergrounds. It is important to comply with all the safety regulations.
Large areas of roof waterproofing and waterproofing of buildings such as parking decks are supplemented by bitumen or polymer bitumen compounds. Small-scale sealing problems on new buildings and older buildings will be solved through cold-applicable, fibre-reinforced polymer bitumen filler - sealing and repair compound.

Supplementary system
When bonding the insulation with bituminous and polymer bitumen membranes, PUK-adhesive supplements the sealing system on flat roofs. It is available as a spray adhesive or together with the PUK Kobold, an application device for 1-4 containers.