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About Bitufa
Bitufa Waterproofing produces since 1979 SMART Waterproofing & Road solutions. The high-tech production plant is located in Wapenveld (the Netherlands), and is completely certified for manufacturing high quality products. Therefore Bitufa is able to guarantee the lifetime of most of the products up to 20 years.

Quality Control
Bitufa Waterproofing is ISO-9001 certified. At our factory, we have a fully equipped laboratory, executing all the tests needed to maintain the high quality of the products we supply. Our production is under independent Factory Production Control of Intron Certificatie B.V. We manufacture all our membranes in accordance with the Dutch regulations regarding pollution, as certified by Intron Certificatie B.V. under number NL-BSB BD-077/2.

Research &Development
Bitufa has his own R&D department and works together with engineers, which are looking for SMART Waterproofing & Road solutions every day.

Together with a network of agents and wholesale partners, Bitufa services the building and construction market over 20 countries, covering Europe, the Middle East and USA.

UFO Rainwater outlets


Out of the non-reinforced Flexobit membrane, we produce the so called UFO. The UFO is the flexible watertight solution for time-consuming, laborious seals around roof  penetrations and rainwater down pipes. UFO's have a thickness of 5 mm and can be finished with pe-film, talcum or slates. As a standard, Bitufa supplies three dimensions:

Diameter ∅ 25 cm with hole of ∅ 2 cm.
Diameter ∅ 48 cm with hole of ∅ 3 cm.
Diameter ∅ 65 cm with hole of ∅ 5 cm.

The UFO is made of 5 mm homogeneous SBS-modified bitumen
UFO, the flexible watertight solution for time-consuming, laborious seals around roof penetrations and rainwater down pipes

The UFO is installed with the aid of a torch or a hot-air blower

A breather pipe can be sealed leakproof within 5 minutes

No need for measuring and cutting in. The UFO is the seamless answer to leaks, damage and recurring problems caused by movements at roof penetrations

UFO’s are compatible with APP as well as SBS waterproofing membranes

The UFO has an elasticity of 1000% and a service life of 20 years



Ubiflex is a non lead waterproof flashing material which can be used in most applications where lead is traditionally used to provide a weatherproof junction at features such as changes of direction and materials





    • Ubiflex B3 is 3.5mm thick and and can be compared with 18 pounds lead
    • Ubiflex is strengthened by an aluminum mesh reinforcement (B)
    • Both sides are coated with a mixture of modified bitumen and additives (D).

The under layer is finished with a craft paper and film backing (A).

Granules are added to the top surface in three colors (C),


Detailing on roofs by using Flexobit

Flexobit is a homogeneous bituminous torch on membrane that can ideally be used to waterproof all difficult details on roofs, like penetrations, difficult corners and rainwater outlets. It is also the logical choice to waterproof dilatations. Because of its three-dimensional molding properties, Flexobit is absolutely suited to waterproof difficult details that need a lot of cutting and time if executed with traditional reinforced membranes. Flexobit can be applied by torch or by hot air gun.

Video Flexobit Underground Waterproofing